February 21, even in fairytale Lviv, winter is already long, the cap is bad. And only one thousand people will carry the maximum this day. These people will have time to buy tickets to the LATEXFAUNA concert at Malevich Night Club, for an hour and a half to dive into the tropics, flirt, bookish and not run 🙂

Don’t snap your knuckle – run on for tickets!

A nice bonus from Malevich: after the concert you can stay for the party for free! The party table must be booked separately.

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Learn more and book from 12am to 7pm daily: +38097 5555 195 / +38050 5555 195 (viber)
Come: Chornovil Ave., 2

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Viacheslava Chornovola Ave, 2


(050) 5555-195, (097) 5555-195

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Art Director Yulian Finiuk


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